Our excellent massage therapist treats al kinds of conditions specialising in sports massage and women well-being including pregnancy.


Massage Therapy is available at the following times:

Tuesday 4.30pm-8pm @ Hammersmith
Wednesday 3pm-8pm @Hammersmith or Chiswick
Thursday 3pm-8pm @ Hammersmith
Friday 4.30-8pm @ Hammersmith
Saturday 9am-2pm @ Chiswick



Massage brings relief from everyday aches, reduces stress, increases relaxation, addresses feelings of anxiety and tension, and aids general wellness. It can also be used in support of other therapies to assist in the rehabilitation of muscular injuries. Massage works deeply on the body to alleviate this stress, bringing relief physically and emotionally, increasing energy levels and deepening relaxation.

60 mins – £65
30 mins – £40

For HUGE SAVINGS, try my Maintenance Package which will provide you with 7 x 60 minute treatments for a cost of only £360 (normally £455).



Massage has a long tradition in a woman’s journey to motherhood. Manipulation of soft tissue and touch has played an integral part in prenatal care. As a mothers body accommodates the growing baby, it puts much strain on her both physically and emotionally. Pregnancy Massage has profound effects alleviating physical discomforts and emotional reactions to stress. Massage post birth is just as important as physically and emotionally the body is still stressed.

60 mins – £65